Tuesday, January 18, 2011


On Scott's one day off this week, we decided to go to Kamakura and see the Great Buddha. This is not far from where we are staying, just a few train stops away. This is primarily a photo post, so I hope you enjoy.
Evan, not nearly as excited over the McDonald's as I would have thought. Now if it had been a Jack in the Box, we would have been in business. 
We ate here anyway, and he seemed to enjoy his nuggets.

On the way we passed a Starbucks, and also didn't walk very far before we passed another one.
Good to see that you can clog your arteries with a Double Down anywhere.

Not sure if either one of us was feeling very photogenic.
These vending machines are everywhere. This one has cold as well has hot drinks.
Washing our hands before going to see the Great Buddha.

Evan and Scott going inside Buddha's tummy. I stayed out, cause it seemed creepy.

Overall a great day. On our way back to the train station Evan insisted on having green ice cream, which was green tea flavored and tasted almost like a green tea frappuccino. He really enjoyed it. They also had purple sweet potato flavor, we'll save that for a day when we are feeling brave. We stopped at a bakery right outside the train station and got some great treats before heading home, where we made pizza for dinner. I think the pizza was probably Evan's favorite part.

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