Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't Screw With Mommy at 6:45am

This post has nothing to do with Japan, so deal with it or don't read it. Time to vent. I believe the boy has officially moved into the stage of his life where he feels that he knows more than I do, and will do whatever he wants instead of what I ask him to do. As a male I know that this is the last stage of his social development.

He actually seems to get great joy from ignoring what mommy and daddy say to do and just doing his own thing as we grow more and more frustrated. Evan missed out on pre-rest stories twice yesterday and it's not the first time this week. He just refuses to stop, regardless of the consequences.

This morning at quarter to six he comes in and tells me good morning. Now we all know that Evan is not allowed to bother mommy before 7am. Before you all freak out because I make him stay in his room till 7, you must know that if I let him get up whenever he wanted it would not be 6:45. It would be 6 or 5:30 or whatever other ungodly hour he chooses to roll out of bed. Then as a result of getting up so early, he is crabby all day, there is lots of crying and screaming and no one has a good day, so 7am is a good compromise. Back to this morning at 6:45. I then ask him what the clock says. His response, "which clock?"
 Really? Which clock, "the one in your room."
"I don't have a clock in my room."
Seriously, I bought the stupid thing 3 days ago, do you think I forgot? "Yes you do. Go find it."
"I don't know where it is."
I storm into his room and look in the place where we usually keep the clock. It is indeed not there. After further questioning, he still doesn't know where it is. I search the room, telling him that I will not be buying him a new clock and if he can't tell what time to get up, then he will have to wait until I come to let him out in the morning. He watches me the whole time, doing nothing. As I reach for the drawer on the dresser, he announces that the clock is in the dresser, and low and behold, that is just where it is. He knew the whole time. I was so mad at him, a lesser mom would have slapped him and I would have cheered. Yes that probably doesn't make me that much better than her but at this moment in time I really don't care.

 All I can say is that the next 14 years are going to be practically unbearable and Evan will be spending a whole lot of time in his room, unless he can see fit to stop screwing with mommy. Thank God he goes to half day preschool in the fall and then full day kindergarten the next year, because full time Evan is just not going to work for me anymore

Know this. Everyone always wants intelligent children. I'm not trying to say Evan is a super genius or anything, but he does catch on quick and knows how to push other people's buttons. Perhaps we should all want a child of a slightly dimmer nature. One you can get one over on, who can't deceive you because they lack the knowledge necessary to lie successfully. You can get smart after you leave my house, but until then, don't just play dumb, cause that won't work. Actually be dumb.

There, rant over. If you stuck it out, thanks. If not, I totally understand.


  1. Poor Twinnie! I'm sorry it's going so rough with the boy. Maybe it's just cause he's in Japan and he knows they parent differently over there?!?! Miss you.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that goes thru these things... and I have a 9 year old.. so it obviously does not get better. All day school does help tremendously. My thing with Z lately is lying. As if thinks that I don't know or won't catch him! Yes there is lots of grounding and spending time in your room and very early bedtimes. And this is all preteen age.. Ugh hurts my head just thinking about the teenage years!

  3. Thanks for the sympathy guys. Hopefully he'll catch on soon. Cynthia, at least you are closer to the end.

  4. Sarah - OMG! Do you even remember me and how frustrated I would be bringing my kids in to daycare in the morning? I remember at one point saying to my mother-in-law, "I now know why mothers throw their babies out of windows". Don't take that wrong - I don't believe I ever would have - but there is a time when you understand the insanity that bringing up children creates in a parent. Glad you made it through the day and I'm really enjoying your blog. :)

  5. Samantha, I know I'm not the only one who feels like throttling their child on occasion, but occasionally I do feel like other children are easier or perhaps other parents are better at handling them. I'm sure we will make it through eventually and I can only hope that Evan has a child just like him one day.