Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Base

Saturday we went and picked up my base pass, which allows Evan and I access to the base and certain areas, but only for 60 days. Then we have to reapply and get a new pass. Seems like a hassle but that seems to be a running theme. On base there are several american restaurants, McDonald's, Taco Bell, Sabarro, and apparently a Chili's. There are two movie theaters, and a couple coffee places, as well as the exchange and the commissary. I can go into the exchange with Scott, however I have to stay with him the whole time and I'm not allowed to purchase anything. I cannot go into the commissary. Why, I have no idea. I actually think it's just because the government likes to make arbitrary rules to make life more inconvenient. Moving on. There is also a library, where we can check out books.

I'm so glad we can finally get books again.  At home we go every couple of weeks, not so much for me, but we read books to Evan a lot, and the four books I brought on the plane were really starting to get old. I mean he'd read the same book for weeks I think but mommy and daddy need little variety. I can only carry a few, so that will mean more frequent trips to the library, but I'm okay with that, mostly means more walking for me and perhaps some decent pizza. The Japanese don't quite make it the way we like it, at least I haven't found a restaurant that does yet.

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  1. Awww, so sad. No Jack in the Box?! I'm really glad you found a library, I was actually concerned about that. I was really tempted to send a refresh box of books to Guam!

    Sarah R.