Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Eye of Sauron

Maybe you get the reference and maybe not. You can look it up if you want, but it's probably not necessary. Moving on. The heating units in the apartment are located at the top of the wall near the ceiling. We use a remote to change the settings. There are many indicator lights on the front, however I've only seen one illuminated. As far as I can tell this light indicates that the unit is on and is therefore on all the time. This has got to be the brightest, tiny light I have ever seen. In the land where I can't find a single digital clock with a constantly illuminated face, this is bright enough to light up the room and disturb our sleep. It gives everything a ghastly green glow and it's just dim enough to make you wake up fully to figure out what the heck it is, every time you roll over. Seriously, why is this thing so bright. I get it, you are on, go away now.

We currently have the light covered with a sticker that came off of some product or another (we have no tape). Scott is under the belief that this sticker will fall off during the night and due to the air currents created by the heater will fly across the room and hit him in the eye. I really don't see this happening, that air would have to be moving pretty fast, but I'll still laugh super hard when it does.


  1. OMG that whole thing is hilarious. I can totally see this annoying you (as it would be). LOL

  2. Electrical tape! Or duct tape! You're telling me you and Scott went all the way to Japan without a roll of duct tape??? If, somehow, the sticker does fly across and hit him in the eye, you get to have a good laugh AND remind him it's all his fault for forgetting the duct tape.

  3. I'm sure he has tape at work, but we are currently tapeless at the apartment.