Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home, Safe Home

I promise this will be a short one, just wanted to give everyone a tour around the apartment.

The front entry way. This is inside the apartment and the door directly in front leads to the rest of the apartment. The two doors off to the left are the laundry/shower and the toilet. 
Laundry/shower room. This is a combination washer/dryer in one unit. Not looking forward to using it. 
Shower/tub room. There is a water tight door and you shower on the floor essentially. Another interesting fact, you can run the bath from the kitchen, set the temp and everything.  
Toilet room, and that's it. This is the tiniest sink I have ever seen. 
Kitchen, in case you couldn't tell. There is just a three burner stove and a tiny fish oven. The silver part is where the oven is in the center, the black window. Below is just cabinets.  
Other side of the kitchen, including a tiny fridge and freezer. Strangely the cupboards are really high up, I have to stretch to reach the bottom shelf. 
Living room, with balcony. 
Me standing at the sliding glass door looking in at the room. Gives you an idea of how big, or little the room really is. 
So-so pic of the view out the balcony. Just more apartment buildings.  
Master bedroom, there is a 'closet' behind the sliding doors behind the bed.
Strange 'closet' behind the bed. Even stranger is that there is a rather large window in here. Some people who only get a one bedroom use this space a room for their child. Hard to see that it is big enough for that, but about half the size of the room that we have Evan in.
Evan’s room. This is actually smaller than his room at home. Those of you who have seen it may find it hard to believe.

Another view on his room.


  1. Are you staying at the Taura apartments? That is a great place to stay. Are Kevin and Hiromi Bartram staying there again?

  2. Yes we are in Taura. I like it so far, but haven't met anyone else in the building, so not sure who else is staying here.

  3. WOW! I honestly don't know what to say about the kitchen. I can't see you cooking your amazing meals in a kitchen with a fish oven. Looks really nice! So glad they put you somewhere good.

    Sarah R.

  4. yes, thanksgiving would not be happening in this kitchen. However we have been eating okay, considering the equipment and my lack of basic ingredients. I'm slowly buying the essentials. I think it is more a testament to the hight quality of fish, but I did cook some salmon in the fish oven. Just a little pepper, lawry's seasoning, a layer of protective sliced onion (it's a broiler oven) and a little lemon juice. It tasted so good. And the yakisoba noodles are so fresh. I'm using the same ones we buy at home and the difference is astounding.

  5. Thanks for the tour! It was fun to peak!